Visual effects and animation have often become a part of projects ranging from low-budget direct-to-video (DTV) films to multi-million dollar big screen extravaganzas. We at Sunshine Animation’s turn ideas into reality, from conception to spectacular visual results. Our team is a mix of artists, engineers and perfectionists. We utilize the latest tools and workflows to achieve our highest goals. We work as smart as we do hard, and deliver incredible work every day.

The power of animation is now available to everyone. At Sunshine Animation Division, every new day brings a new challenge, a new idea, new revolution. Growing amidst this energy, Sunshine Animation is a global identity. With studios and visual effects representatives spread across Latin America and USA, Sunshine is constantly working to spread its philosophy far and wide and establish new trends in the industry. Sunshine’s 3D,Chroma Key (Blue & Green) and special effects animation solutions are focused on client satisfaction and geared to create anything that can be imagined.

Our high quality animation professionals, are all ways eager to service all your broadcast, movies and web-digital supply needs, including high-def (HD) video effects production, custom 3D graphics design, 4K product visualization, digital architectural rendering, virtual set design, virtual news sets, modeling, digital content creation, high-definition resolution graphics, motion clip creation, digital backgrounds, ad footage, high definition animated film, animated characters and avatars HDTV resolution clips and stock footage.

At Sunshine Animation, we understand that having a great idea is only half the battle. Allow us to create your productions and you’re sure to be the winner.